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TL80s Synthwave Top 10 | 42/2018
Hardcore. Soviel zu meiner persönlichen Woche. Und bei euch so? Dennoch: Ich habe es mir nicht nehmen lassen die Top 10 der Woche zusammenzustellen. Und da sind Kracher dabei, von denen ihr garantiert noch nie... more!
Yotoku Virtual – Forsaken In The Neon Synthesis
After a little break, second album from YV has been released... Immerse yourself into the dark dystopia and feel the energy of birth of a brand new type of life. Artwork by: more!
Kowski2000 – Empower
Hi There, a little fictional action movie soundtrack. I hope you enjoy it. Have a nice weekend :) Greetings Alex... more!
Velvet System 82 – Summer Is Over
The second single of Velvet System 82 is full of 80's summer nostalgia. Velvet System 82 is the Synthwave solo project of Jano González, a Chilean musician living in Berlin. Exposed during his childhood to New ... more!
TL80s Synthwave Top 10 | 40/2018 Synthwave Top 10 | Week 40/2018 1. Glass Apple Bonzai — Lucid Dream 2. Don Dellpiero — Living The Dream 3. LZRDSK — Prom Of '... more!
Le Louvre – Ripper
"He observed how the cybernetics were interwoven into her body, all the augmentations, and implants. His face then changed from awestruck to something greedy as he said 'These are all mine now' as he started ri... more!

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