Today, Damasius Venys – charismatic singer of the cult synth pop band MONDTRÄUME reveals the first EP of his brand new solo-effort MENTAL EXILE: a project he has been secretly cherishing and polishing over the last couple of years in his studio until he found the perfect sound style for his new creation… Strongly influenced by Damasius’ obvious passion for the 80’s as well as horror and sci-fi movies, MENTAL EXILE’ universe perfectly fits the Synthwave movement. This first EP “Exile Nights” depicts a world of nostalgia where human emotions are beautifully expressed and rendered by Damasius’ quite darkish lyrics with highly emotional vocals. Through these 6 unique and hi-energy songs MENTAL EXILE lets his vintage synth take the lead and reinforce the catchiness of these sparkling dark pop arrangements carried by the unmatchable voice of Damasius who sings about inner demons, human’s selfish blindness and mankind’s vain attempt to conquer an imaginary world made of its own fears and stupidities…


Release: 23.11.2018

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