The OSC remix of NeverManns song Cherry Baby, for your consideration! Please consider it for your Synthwave Sunday! The song will be released on BandCamp on the 14th of september! Bio NeverMann With a sound with equal measures of every notable soundtrack album of the 80s/early 90s and glossy R’n’B of the same era, David Clausson aims to make the concept of NeverMann something more than an average synthwave act. Based in Sweden, NeverMann bursted on the scene in 2017 with his first EP, Tragedy of Mann. The standout song Tiddydip (Kiss Kiss) got plays on local radio in Sweden and ended up runner-up in the P4 Nästa Halland 2017 competition. In 2018, he released the single Andrea feat Hilda Denny with a smooth sax-sound delivered by Anton Krutov. Later in 2018, Cherry Baby was released and it got some radio play in Sweden also and NeverMann competed with the song in the 2018 edition of P4 Nästa Halland. The song featured an amazing guitar solo from award winning guitarist Kristian Larsen. Cherry Baby was remixed in the summer by fellow Swedish electronic acts Laser Dreams and Parasite of God. Andrea got a “vaporized” remix by Nevermann himself. Next up was the remix of swedish act Tellus Lejds FLY. The song is riding like Bastian on Falkor the Luck Dragon and NeverMann has never sounded this synthwave. Now it’s time for the final Cherry Baby remix, mad by the acclaimed OSC from Brighton, UK OSC A British retrowave musician merging modern synthwave with influences from late 70s through to early 90s Funk, Soul, Pop, Hip-Hop, Synthpop, Electronica, Film, TV and video game soundtracks. OSC has a playful, lively musical style that’s steeped in bright synth tones and peppered with funk and video gaming tropes. Previous releases include the conceptual Him and Her EPs (Lazerdiscs Records) and the BandCamp chart topping Girls On Bikes (Business Casual). Best //NeverMann


Release: 14.09.2018

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