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Sunset Odyssey – Higher
What does it sound like if you know this isn´t it and you know there’s something more to get? This song was written for all the lovers, who couldn´t reach the perfect yet. Take a deep breath and then catch it -... more!
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TL80s Synthwave Top 10 | 39/2018
Die Synthwave Top 10 | Week 39/2018 1. F.O.O.L - Escape Plan 2. The Abyss — Passing Through 3. Wice — Start The War 4. aux animaux — The Unraveling 5. F r a n c c i — Senses 6. Octal Drive — Wrong Tur... more!
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Radikal Rat feat Kes Kross – Friends With Benefits
Synthwave connoisseurs Radikal Rat release their new single ‘Friends With Benefits’ on 28th of September, featuring R&B tinged vocals from LA artist KES in an artfully blended neon haze of emotive electro. ... more!
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Wilma Deering EP
A Sci-Fi Space Journey into the 70s/80s. This album is inspired by the Science Fiction TV series from the 70s and 80s, especially Buck Rogers and has been entitled "Wilma Deering" - the very attractive Colonel ... more!
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Vice Grip
U'nique Music brings to you a fun, smooth Synth Vibe that is for sure to take you back to those special miami nights.... more!
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Ethereal Delusions – Enjoy The Silence
This is my cover of one of my favorite songs of all time, Enjoy The Silence by the incomparable Depeche Mode. My cover is faithful to the original while adding the Ethereal Delusions flair... more!
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Color Theory – The Majesty of Our Broken Past
It’s a running joke in classical music circles that composers die after completing their ninth symphony. If the album is the pop music equivalent, Brian Hazard of Color Theory beat the odds. But if a recording ... more!
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SuperWave – TestDriver
Hello 80's lovers! I am Willem from the Netherlands and i love to make all sorts of 80's music from EBM to RetroWave. Hereby i would like to submit a track called "TestDriver" from my side project "SuperWave". ... more!

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